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Some concept art

Sorry for such a long time between posts, life has been crazy to say the least…. but I’ve come to learn that the moment you accept the fact that life will never be anything but crazy and out of your control, the smoother things feel on the inside. Any Buddhist monk will tell you that, but it seems they are right, at least for me.

So for the past few months, I have been involved with several projects on which I was a design and concept artist. Here is a peek at what I’ve been up to.

My buddy Taylor invited me to help work on a personal project of his- an underwater themed dungeon crawler of sorts. These were some ideas for underwater architecture in towns and such. Unfortunately not enough people were able to commit to the project so it fell through, but at least it was good practice! We have now begun a new project, I will post more about it in the very near future!


I got contracted to do some concept design for a soon to be released short film. I will post it when it is available. These were some early concepts for the weapon the main character would hold. I made the mistake of not asking the director for key-words as to what this thing should look and feel like until AFTER I did these. The fast thumbnails below are from when I started again, but with the keywords:  “organic”, “plantlike”, and “biomechanical” in mind.


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