Installation Game

Recently I was contracted to create some pixel art for a game that is played on the side of a building. The game is called CTRL ALT PDX. It was designed and programmed by the awesome folks over at WILD aka Built by Wild.  So I spent a week hanging out with them and making some pixel art. It was a lot of fun and the game is launching Friday, March 20th.

Installation Game

In order to play, you stand in front of the building, call the number shown. You then are prompted to create your character using the number keys. The information is then fed into the system and routed to the game which is projected on the windows so you are effectively using your phone as the controller!

Installation Game

The game has many lines of cute dialogue written and recorded by the guys over at WILD, I laughed quite a lot testing the game out. As far as art style, they wanted a mostly black and white almost ASCII art feel to the game. Here are some characters and items I created for it.

8-bit items

pixel npcs

Pixel Bridge

If you are ever in Portland, be sure to look it up and check it out!

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