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Winter is coming!


Hey all, just got done with this fresh piece for Ahnix Apparel. Winter is coming so I figured I’d get a headstart (not that I wan’t winter to be here yet) and made this killer snowman of zen. I envision it being printed on a navy crewneck sweatshirt, though my current selling platform Red Bubble doesn’t offer that option. No worries though, I plan on expanding operations to the likes of Zazzle soon which has way more clothing options.

My initial idea for this design was to have the snowman gritting his teeth and firing a snowball machine gun rambo-style at whoever was lobbing snowballs at him. But I decided that promoting non-violence was a better idea than glorifying weapons and animalistic acts of war. The Japanese script says “Lay thy weapons down” or something very close to it.


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Three cheers for brand startups!

Hey all,

Sorry its been so long since I last posted.  In 2010 while sitting in a lecture I got the idea to use my design skills to create a small clothing brand. Now, finally, I have enough time to actually put some work into it. After graduation I got contracted on to a production company in Portland, once the contract ended I saved up a good chunk of dough and away I went. Now I am pleased to announce the kickoff of AHNIX APPAREL.

The company’s core focus is on creating awesome art that provokes thought and promotes self expression while also working towards its goals in social activism.

My plan is hopefully expand the company into more arenas such as a game production studio and maybe even a publishing company but first let’s see if I can even sell a single shirt, heh..

Anyways, check out the website and don’t forget the company instagram for process work and other fun pix! There will be more social accounts to come. Be sure to spread the word! 🙂

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